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Who is Fred Amir?

Fred Amir is the founder and president of Health Solutions and author of Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain: A Proven Nine-Step Recovery Plan, Vanquish Stress, Mesh-Free Hernia Repair, Rapid Recovery from Enlarged Prostate Symptoms, and the winner of The University of California’s Knowles Ryerson award for leadership. 

Fred is the creator of the Nine-Step Rapid Recovery Plan: a proven step-by-step plan, which enhances New York University’s treatment program by applying techniques used by Olympic athletes. The Rapid Recovery plan helped Fred recover immediately, rapidly, and completely from disabling pain and has helped readers around the world conquer their pain and disability in order to reclaim their lives. Whether it is going back to work, distance running, playing with their children, traveling around the world, or simply being able to bend down and pick up a pen, those who have recovered rapidly can tell you it has been nothing short of a miracle.

Fred's mission is to strengthen others with empowering concepts and easy effective strategies that give them power over their pain so that they can overcome that bad back, bum knee, sore neck, and hurting hand naturally without medication or surgery. 


As the Rapid Recovery Coach for more than 25 years, Fred Amir has helped his clients become pain-free and live active, productive lives.


Fred's coaching goes beyond becoming pain-free. He helps his clients develop the life skills necessary to overcome internal sources of tension, such as excessive worrying, negative thought patterns, depression and anxiety, a sad childhood, and more. He also helps his clients deal constructively with external sources of tension, such as difficult relationships, daily stresses, parenting challenges, unwanted weight, financial issues, and much more so that they remain pain-free and achieve optimum health. 


Fred has conducted seminars and workshops for the University of California's Office of The President, CIGNA Group Insurance, Iowa State University, Santa Clara County, and other organizations.

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