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Back Pain

Rapid Recovery Coaching

As the Rapid Recovery Coach, Fred Amir has helped his clients become pain-free and live active, productive lives for more than 30 years.

Rachael Bowen, Fitness Instructor, Buford, Georgia

“Fast Track to Rapid Recovery [coaching program] is amazing. As a fitness instructor back, hip, and leg pain limited my activities. The pain and burning sensation were so bad that at one point I rushed to the emergency room for treatment. I also suffered for twenty years from anxiety disorder. You can imagine how hard it was to live with all that anxiety and pain. Fred helped me to get rid of my symptoms quickly. In fact, I noticed significant improvements the next day. Now I am pain-free, sleep better, have tons more energy and once again am teaching all my classes, including kickboxing. Thanks, Fred.” 

Jason Kraus, Brunswick, Ohio

"I'm so grateful for your book, your coaching, and everything you have given to me: hope, faith, strength, drive, and intelligence.  You have made my life incredibly better than anyone else has over the past few years. God bless you and thank you for being such an incredible human being!"

Gretchen Vladimirov, RN, Austin, Texas

"Thanks to Fred's Rapid Recovery Plan and coaching, I've been able to overcome most of my pain and move on with my life. I'm an active mom with 2 young kids and was constantly focused on my pain, day and night. Fred showed me how to design my recovery plan and stay motivated and excited in my recovery and in my life. That led me away from my preoccupation with pain and self-pity. This further allowed more energy to be the mom I want to be and that's invaluable! Thank you,  Fred!!!"


Lisa Barone, Sag Harbor, New York

"Fred's Rapid Recovery program is amazingly valuable and uplifting. It's so much more about getting out of pain, but about getting out of negative beliefs that have ruled your mind and moving on to living a much more positive, happy life. Fred practices what he preaches and is immensely supportive, always just an email away. It is so apparent how much he cares for his clients and wants them to succeed in feeling better both physically and mentally. Thank you again, Fred, for all your support and guidance- you got me out of a very dark place and I am so grateful!"

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Brad Rennie, PhD, Calgary, Canada

"In 2014 I was so disabled that I had to go places and work in a wheel chair. I could only walk at a very, very slow pace and for about 20 yards. Basically, my whole body was seized up, and all I could do was lie around all day. But with Fred's coaching and encouragement, I steadily got better, to the point that within four months I could walk long distances and quickly and was able to resume workouts in a gym, and since then I've made great strides in strength and mobility with the aid of a exercise program designer. To continue with my progress and to beat tension and stress in my daily life, I also had a number of life-skill consultation sessions with Fred and found them invaluable. What has particularly stuck with me is the need to be resilient in the face of challenges and to continually search for solutions. In a nutshell, Fred is a wise and infectiously enthusiastic coach whose principles and suggestions are practical and empowering. I strongly recommend him!”

Attorney, Miami, Florida

"Fred helped me change my life. I read his book and contacted him for coaching sessions. I scheduled weekly coaching sessions with Fred for about 6 months and they were invaluable. I was able to cure my neck pain and improve many aspects of my life such as weight loss, career success, time management, personal relationships and overall enjoyment of life. I would not be where I am without Fred and would not hesitate for a second to recommend him. He will help you cure your pain and improve your overall health and well-being. Call him now!"

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Jaime Devargas, Fremont, California

“I just wanted to update you and say my body is feeling better lately than it has in the last 2 years. I'm lifting weights, traveling, and back to living life without limitations! Your 9-Step Rapid Recovery Plan was a huge influence in my recovery and I highly recommend anyone with chronic pain to read through your book and reach out to you for coaching."

Preetha Bhat, PhD, Bloomington, Illinois

After four years of back pain, doctor visits, and living very limited, by some stroke of luck, I came across Healing Back Pain by Dr. Sarno. For the first time in four years, I had a glimmer of hope. Although I did feel better after reading his book, the book that really made a difference to me was Fred's Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck pain.  I had two phone coaching sessions with Fred, and his consultation gave me the impetus I needed to take my physical activity up a notch. The sessions were very helpful because he was so reassuring and gave me the tools I needed to stay motivated and accountable.  Within a month or less, I was able to resume normal activities. Now, I'm symptom-free, medication-free, and I'm able to do all the things my doctors said I'd never be able to do - like high impact aerobics, biking, bending forward, etc. My four-year-old finally has a strong mother figure in her life, and for that, I'm very grateful. Thank you, Fred, for all your help and advice to me!

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Jamie, Fremont, California

Fred's coaching goes beyond becoming pain-free. He helps his clients develop the life skills necessary to overcome internal sources of tension, such as excessive worrying, negative thought patterns, depression and anxiety, an unhappy childhood, and more. He also helps his clients deal constructively with external sources of tension, such as difficult relationships, daily stresses, parenting challenges, unwanted weight gain, and financial issues so that they remain pain-free and achieve optimum health. ​

Our Consulting &
Coaching Services
  1. 25-minute consultation/evaluation session. During this session, Fred will conduct a complete evaluation, answer your questions, and give you the next step on your path to Rapid Recovery. Consultation/Evaluation session is only $97.
  2. 50-minute Rapid Recovery Coaching session. In this session, Fred will help you design your own personal Rapid Recovery Plan, practice each step fully, and explain the biggest mistakes that can delay your recovery. 50-minute Rapid Recovery Coaching is $197.
  3. Fast Track to Rapid Recovery is Fred's signature coaching program. He has developed and perfected this program over the past 30 years to not only help you recover rapidly but also deal effectively with TMS triggers, such as worrying and negative thoughts, that can cause pain and other symptoms. Fast Track to Rapid Recovery includes:
  • Four 50-minute Rapid Recovery Coaching sessions
  • Daily email support and coaching to help you stay on track, avoid the mistakes that delay recovery, and achieve your Rapid Recovery goals.
  • "Get Results" supplemental material to speed up your recovery so that you can sit, walk, run, climb, play, and live pain-free again.
  • Fast Track to Rapid Recovery is $697 and is billed at $175 per session. 

How To Schedule a Session

Here's how you can schedule a phone or Skype consultation session:
  1. Simply fill out the following form.
  2. Choose the type of session you want. (Curre
  3. Choose the best times to call you.
  4. After all the fields are completed, press the submit button.
  5. You will receive a PayPal invoice. Upon payment, you will be scheduled for a session of your choice.

Our Services

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