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Back pian, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, leg pain, knee pain, sciaitca, tension myosistis syndrome, numbness, tingling,

Testimonials & Endorsements



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Ailsa Howard

Kaikoura, New Zealand

“My symptoms were an upper leg that felt like it was being sawed in two, repetitive strain injury (RSI) in my hands and arms which at its worse prevented me from dressing, toileting, or eating without assistance, and back, neck, and ankle pain. There was a year when I couldn't drive myself at all.


Eventually, I ended up in a wheelchair, pushed around by my husband. When I began reading Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain, I could barely walk. However, as I followed the strategies outlined in the book I recovered quickly. My body returned to its former healthy and mobile self, and as a surprising added bonus my allergies to cats, pollen, and the like, which I had had since early childhood, disappeared.


It is three years since I rapidly recovered. I have spent these climbing, cycling, playing the piano, dancing, gardening, and loving life. What a gift this has been, and a huge turnaround from being severely disabled.”


Avoided Two Back Surgeries

Allan J. Masison

Retired municipal accountant
Weymouth, MA

“I had been suffering from severe back pain, severe pain from sciatica (pain in the buttocks and legs), and extreme weakness in both legs. I could only walk for a short distance and then with a cane. I had been diagnosed as having spinal stenosis and in need of a laminectomy, removal of most of the back of the vertebra, to release pressure on the nerves of the spinal column on L3 and L4. I also had a herniated disc that required surgery. Fortunately, while waiting for surgery, I read Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain. This book gives one a detailed action program to follow. I recovered completely and canceled the surgery. I still can't believe that I am now completely pain-free and have all the strength back in my legs and that I can live a normal life again. I sincerely hope and pray that the word spreads about how it is possible to recover from back pain without surgery.”


A Potent  Recovery Formula

Graham Tuffee

Adelaide, South Australia

“Fred Amir has drawn on Dr. Sarno's principles of chronic pain management, which, combined with the experience of his personal ordeal and research into natural healing techniques, forms a potent recovery formula. It helped me recover from 15 months of back pain and five months of foot pain and disability.”


RSI Cured

Christopher J. Abraham

Toronto, Canada

“I had suffered from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) for seven years as a result of playing the piano and computer programming.


I had undergone intensive physical therapy and massage therapy, done a lot of yoga, and tried many other healing techniques. All this time I believed that the cause of my pain was structural problems in my body. At last I came across the radical theories of Dr. Sarno and the techniques of Fred Amir. Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck pain was essential to my recovery. Now, six weeks after learning of this approach, I am 90% cured.” Read more...


This Book Saved My Life!

Graham Quigley


Oakland, California

"In 2005 I was completely crippled with pain, bedridden at one point, had been told I had fibromyalgia, was on disability for 3 years, it was the darkest period of my life. Fred Amir's Rapid Recovery From Back And Neck Pain saved my life and I'm not exaggerating when I use those words.

The tools and techniques he shares in his book taught me how to gain control over my pain and from there on, I was able to build a new foundation for my life.

Today I'm an acupuncturist with a successful practice treating chronic pain syndromes in Oakland, CA, and to each and every one of my patients who suffers from chronic pain, I hold up Fred's book and say, "This book will change your life". It's true.

The mind is a powerful tool and Mr. Amir has taken very complex theories on pain and made them PRACTICAL! This is the book's secret. It's the '9-Step Rapid Recovery Plan'... First, 2/3 of the book is an education to re-train your mind helping you understand 'the nature of pain'. Then comes the 9 steps. I literally said this today to one of my patients who's been suffering for years. "It's hard work, no doubt about it. It required effort... And... You'll get results.."


This is what people want. Freedom from pain, freedom to return to their lives. I can't recommend Rapid Recovery From Back and Neck Pain highly enough. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!!!"


2 bulged discs and a herniated disc

Amazon Review

"If you suffer from any chronic pain, this is an absolute MUST READ!!

I’ve been a chronic back pain sufferer for 15 years and have 2 bulged discs and a herniated disc. After years of trying to fix this pain and even taking pain medication for years, this book finally fixed me. I’ve been pain free for 2 months and I recommend this book to any pain sufferers."

Weight Lifting and Traveling!

Jamie Devargas,

Fremont, California

“I just wanted to update you and say my body is feeling better lately than it has in the last 2 years. I'm lifting weights, traveling, and back to living life without limitations! Your 9-Step Rapid Recovery Plan was a huge influence in my recovery and I highly recommend anyone with chronic pain to read through your book and reach out to you for coaching."

A Happy Mom Now!

Preetha Bhat, PhD

Bloomington, Illinois 

"While traveling, I woke up one morning with a bad low back pain on both sides. I attributed it to an uncomfortable mattress and thought it might be a muscle strain. Unfortunately, it never went away. It actually got worse over time. My symptoms were searing muscle spasms, especially when I sat down. Diagnostic tests revealed disc herniations in L5/S1, mild spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease. I went through all the usual treatments including medicines, ice, heat, chiropractic treatments, massages, steroid injections, physical therapy, and even used an inversion chair. My symptoms were so bad that I couldn't get through my workday. All this deeply impacted every aspect of my life, and it affected my self-image as an employee, wife, and most importantly as a mom. I could not carry my baby or play with her on the floor! What depressed me the most was the doctors telling me that I would live a life of chronic pain. Essentially, I was living a life of disability and isolation. My friends stopped including me in activities and my family members started doing things without me. I went into severe depression and even contemplated suicide.


By some stroke of luck, I came across Healing Back Pain by Dr. Sarno. For the first time in four years, I had a glimmer of hope. Although I did feel better after reading his book, the book that really made a difference to me was Fred's Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain. In addition to his own success story, it provided very practical tips on how to combat TMS. Fred’s book is written in a very easy-to-understand manner and is very well organized. I had two phone coaching sessions with Fred, and his consultation gave me the impetus I needed to take my physical activity up a notch. The sessions were very helpful because he was so reassuring and gave me the tools I needed to stay motivated and accountable.  Within a month or less, I was able to resume normal activities.


Now, I'm symptom-free, medication-free, and I'm able to do all the things my doctors said I'd never be able to do - like high impact aerobics, biking, bending forward, etc. My four-year-old finally has a strong mother figure in her life, and for that, I'm very grateful. Thank you, Fred, for all your help and advice to me!"

Chronic Headache Gone

Peter Pluer

Amazon Review

“When I started reading this book I had a headache and a chronic fatigue since around 6 years. Actually I wasn't even able to read a book and certainly not an English one, considering I'm from Holland. Briefly, I started reading with a skeptical feeling.

After a few pages I realized that I was reading longer now then I had been able to since a few years and I became more and more curious. For the first time I "met" someone (the writer) who had the same health problems as I had. He gave me new insights and a feeling of comprehension.

This book has a vision that should be applied in the regular healthcare. It is so practical and relies on the power of your own body instead of searching for problems: it is possible to have pain and physical complaints without a physical deviation or harm. This book shows you the options inside yourself because there's more power then you expect. In any case that's my experience; were I started reading with a skeptical feeling and chronic headache which turned into a new life without my headache.”

Amazing Recovery

A Reader

Amazon Review

“After reading an article about Dr. Sarno, I saw a link to this book. At first I felt all these people were crazy if they thought they could "think away" back pain. However, as a formerly athletic, active person who was more and more debilitated every day, I decided I had nothing to lose. Result of doing the exercizes in the book - I can walk, run, jump, kneel, do yoga, play with my grandchildren. I recommend this book and the forum on Fred Amir's website to anyone suffering any type of pain.”

Herniated Disc

Joe Cohen

Amazon Review

“I was diagnosed with a herniated disc (L5 S1)and my Orthopedist said I would never be the same. At the time I was lifting weights and running 3 times a week. The Dr. told me that those activities will have to be significantly modified due the the herniation.He scheduled me for Cortisone shots in my back to eliminate the swelling thus reduce the pain. Just one caveat, I could very easily irritate it once again If I return to my vigorous lifestyle. The day before I was scheduled for my treatment I was told about Dr. Sarno's book, and after doing some research discovered Fred Amir's book as well, so I bought them both. I pushed off the treatment to give these books a shot. I first read Dr. Sarno's book which gave me an understanding of his theory, then proceeded to read Fred Amir's book which helped turn theory into reality. I had read another review which said that the person experienced relief as he was reading the book and I laughed, but I did too. The next morning I went back to my old routine of running outside and in the beginning there was pain (Nobody says the pain is not real) but I fought thru it and within a few days I was pain free. I do have occasional flare ups but if you go back to the principals of the book the pain disappears. Give the book a chance, and don't be so skeptical.Thank You Fred!”

Finally, After 35 Years

Kevin Starnes

Lake Forest, California

“For more than 35 years I suffered from recurring back pain—most of the time the pain was tolerable. However, when I got back spasms, the attacks were so bad sometimes that I had to stay in bed for a few days. During all these years I tried chiropractic, acupuncture, and medical treatments.

Few months ago I had a severe case of back spasm. I had an MRI done that showed spinal stenosis and some deterioration due to arthritis. My doctor discussed the possibility of surgery if the pain persisted. I was weary of surgery and am thankful to this day that I was. After the 4 days on my back I surfed the internet for the latest back remedies and ran across the work of Dr. John Sarno as well as Fred Amir and read Rapid Recovery from Back Pain. Dr. Sarno helped me make the mind-body connection and Fred Amir’s techniques helped me take control.

I am currently able to do all of those activities that the doctors told me to avoid and without any pain. I am no longer tight after running or hitting a 100 golf balls on the range. I now understand that my body is fine and that knowledge alone removed so much fear from my life that I cannot tell you how liberating it was/is. I am 51-years-old and I want my 13-year-old body back -- the one that did not feel pain nor associate it with any activities; the one that lived with no fear. It may sound bizarre, but I am close.”

The Perfect Remedy

Gerre Boardman

Austin, Texas

“This book was the perfect remedy when I had a chronic pain in my right leg. It especially hurt to drive and to run. Doctors were puzzled. Fred Amir’s concrete examples of how to return to physical activity inspired me to overcome the pain and run the local 10K run again. This is a great book. I am constantly telling other people about it.”

Cancelled Neck Surgery

Dr. Hussein Al-Hussein

Professor, Computer Engineering

University of California, Santa Cruz

“The Nine-Step Rapid Recovery Plan helped me recover rapidly from 18 months of neck pain and pain and numbness in my arm and fingers. I was able to avoid neck surgery and walk on my hands again! Today, four years after my recovery, I continue to live a healthy, active life.”

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Back pian, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, leg pain, knee pain, sciaitca, tension myosistis syndrome, numbness, tingling,

The Only Thing I found That Cured My Tendonitis

Kyle Hatanaka

Amazon Review


“I suffered from "tendonitis" for a good long while from playing guitar. It got to the point where I couldn't even open doors without it hurting my wrist. Medical doctors, chiropractors, nothing helped.

I followed the plan presented in this book. Was pretty much completely cured after about 4-6 weeks. I've had some minor relapses since, but just reapplied the plan, and they went away very quickly. I'll vouch for this book.”

Live Pain Free - Read this book and apply it!

Wendy Howe

Amazon Review


“I had five years of body wide (three discs issues) chronic pain and this book literally saved my life. I am 100% pain free because of it. The other book you should read is "Explain Pain" by Butler. Butler explains the biology of pain (easy read) and this give you the steps to reverse your pain completely (Changes your nervous system). When pain becomes chronic it is more about the nervous system rather than the remodeling of your tissues. I have been using this book and Butler's for almost 10 years to help people become 100% pain free because I did it and wanted to pay it forward. Amir did it too and so can you. Try it you have nothing to lose except your pain. Pills and surgery do not work but this does. Good luck to you. ;)”

I Cannot Recommend it Enough

A Reader

Amazon Review

“I'm 32, positive, calm, sporty man, eating good food and having quite a healthy lifestyle.
However, one day I started to have numberless health problems.

It started with HEADACHES, DIZZINESS and excessive JAWNING.
I had issues with my HEAD, FACE and HANDS being NUMB.
Cannot jump or walk fast due to OVERSENSITIVITY TO SHOCKS.
Cannot climb stairs with shopping bags because I had CHEST PAIN.

I've visited MANY physical therapists and read TONS of knowledge.
I improved my diet even more, took care of my posture during day & night time

FINALLY, after 6 months of daily research I found this book!

It shows that PHYSICAL ABNORMALITIES such as herniated disks or other
are NOT THE CAUSE of patients' symptoms and real effieciency of surgeries is only 1%!!

The CAUSE OF EVERYTHING is muscle and fascia TENSION
but also here, any massage or stretching is only an interim action.
The ROOT of physical tension is MENTAL TENSION.

And we don't have to be aware of that.
It's mostly SO DEEP we DON'T even RECOGNIZE IT.

All discopathies, pain backs, repetetive strain injuries
as well as heart strokes, allergies or sights problems
are caused by STRESS.

This is something we do CONSTANTLY,
and this is why the illness is also constant or CHRONIC.
When treated PSYCHOLOGICALLY the SUCCESS RATE is almost 100%!

All that info, as well as links to SPECIFIC VERIFIED RESEARCH
you'll find in this book where author in a fascinated way describes how
from being almost TOTALLY DISABLED he became TOTALLY HEALTHY in just a FEW WEEKS.

If you still hesitate, DON'T. Buy it NOW!
These few bucks are nothing to comparison what KNOWLEDGE you'll gain
and how you can HELP YOURSELF and OTHERS.

Now, I can train REALLY HARD and RUN.
Something that was TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE for me, few weeks ago.

Saved My Patient

Parvez Fatteh, M.D.

Board Certified

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Castro Valley, California

“This book has literally saved the life of one of my patients. Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain is a truly effective step-by-step guide to conquering chronic pain and returning to a fruitful life. It is both logical and easy to follow. I highly recommend it to all pain sufferers and to their doctors.”

An Important Addition...

Judy McConnell
Director, Health, Welfare, Work/life Programs
Office of the President, University of California  

“Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain will be an important addition to the literature on alternative medicine, made even more meaningful because it recounts the author’s own experience with devastating pain and rapid recovery. It focuses on an important issue, is well researched, and very readable.”

For Everyone!

Laura McCollough
Curriculum Advisor, Engineering Department
Iowa State University

“Very well done! Everyone should attend the rapid recovery seminar and learn about this information.”


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Prostatitis Cured

A Reader

Amazon Review


“Before starting my review, let me say that I am a particle physicist and a quite skeptical guy. Nonetheless, I think it is important to be open to new ideas. In my opinion, the work of Dr. Sarno and his followers is great science. Like most important and revolutionary scientific ideas, it takes a while (one generation, Planck said) before they are generally accepted by the scientific community. But we can profit from their insight inmediatly!


This book, together with the ones by Sarno and some info on the web, has made my life worth living again. It is amazing how many different manifestation this TMS thing seems to have. My problem was not back pain, but a condition urologists classify as non-bacterial prostatitis, neurologists as pudendal nerve entrapment, musculo-skeletal therapists as coccydynia, physiotherapists as piriformis syndrome, ... (by the way, many of these doctors suggested surgery was the only solution, even if they did not really know what was going on!). At any rate, the physical symptons were real and the pain excruciating. And the worst was that I could hardly work or lead a normal life.

When I started reading Sarno's books, I found them very interesting and even believed that his ideas could help other people... but not me. It took me three months to accept that my (unconcious) mind could be doing these nasty things to me. But suddenly there was a click inside me and I felt strongly that the answer was inside my brain. And I also felt that my (concious) mind could control it. In three weeks I was 90% better. But I found it hard to progress to a 100% recovery.

It was here that Fred Amir's simple psychological techniques were extremely helpful. Before I had finished the book, I was 99% OK!

I should add that I love the way the book is written: it is very enjoyable and creates a lot of empathy, which is also helpful.

Now I can say I am "cured" of this protatitispudendalnerve... horrible thing. Furthermore, I have also recovered from my "lazy stomach" problem, which apparently had the same origin. And last but not least, I have a great feeling of power and control over my life and my health.

I am convinced that TMS (and equivalents) is, as Dr. Sarno claims, a very widespread problem, and that many people could benefit a lot from getting a correct diagnosis. Amir's book describes the practical side of Sarno's theory.”

Ths Book Brought Me Out of a Long-time Pain Situation


Amazon Review

“i can't say enough good things about this book. ive recommended to many people over the years and have received some very serious thank you notes because of it. what began as shoulder pain for me, turned into all types of debilitating shoulder, neck, back pain...shooting pain down the arms...i eventually could not easily pick up anything with my hands and constantly had burning pain or sharp knife-like pains in my shoulders and/or back. i had never had anything like this and spent about 2 years seeing all types of specialists - both western and non-traditional. i saw many people many times with not much relief. MRIs, pills, acupuncture, deep massage, physical therapy.... it was a long painful time. i had heard about john sarno's books from friends over the years but believed that my pain was 100% a physical problem. i couldn't imagine otherwise. i had lifted something heavy...and i would pull my back the next day time went on, and the pain seemed to move around to more places on my body, i really started to ask more questions about what could possibly be going on. one day i thought - "could this possibly be related to stress?" i didn't think it was likely but i was desperate and looking for anything. very luckily, while talking about this with a physical therapist one day, she introduced me to this book. It saved my life and as i said before, ive passed this on to many friends. one friend told me that i had saved his life by turning him on to this. he is a long-time practicing yoga expert (goes to india for months to practice ect...) and he told me that this book opened him up to understanding the mind-body connection and breathing in ways that he had never imagined. if you are in serious pain and think there is perhaps a chance that it may not be 100% physical, please give this book a solid go. keep an open mind. do the homework. good luck.”

A Letter to Fred Amir

Arun Seeley M.D.

Amazon Review

“Dear Fred,

Happy New Year.

My hernia recovery is like there never was a problem on the left side. I enjoy several hours of ChiQong daily which moves and stretches most all of my muscles and joints happily in ever new ways and keeps my energy- emotional and physical- balanced and harmonious at almost 70years. My abdominal muscles are used like a dancer with no trace of hernia symptoms on the left.

Not only was your description of your hernia "adventure" the entrance door into mesh free hernia repair which I had never heard of before but after the remarkable results of following in your footsteps I thought "this fellow really knows what he is taking about because he as looked for himself, thought for himself and charted his own course against the prevailing current of official ignorance." Since I was dealing with the incapacitating back pain of my closest friend I decided to read your first book on back pain. Again, an eye opener and another doorway. This time into Dr. Sarno's work and your success applying his discoveries in your own case along with your own innovations from the world of champion sports training. After seven books and lots of enlightening thought I was able to digest and communicate the key elements of mind-body medicine to my friend who subsequently made a complete recovery from total pain and disability to normal life with a new understanding of how to live in and operate and cooperate with this mind-body we are living in .

My gratitude to you as my teacher and inspiration in the adventure to health.

All this after retiring from 20 years of medical practice in California where I was formerly an associate clinical professor at UCLA medical school for a time(specifically- my name was T.Talbot Seeley, M.D. then, and I was associate clinical professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA Neuro-Psychiatric Institute). Before that I completed all the course work for a combined post doctoral M.D.-PhD in comparative pathology and tumor biology at the Vet-Med School at U.C. Davis where we were doing breast cancer research with viruses and tissue culture.

The history of medicine and mankind is filled with examples of how orthodoxy resists new insights and discoveries. I hope others will benefit the way I have from your personal examples of looking for truth yourself and analyzing all the available date, making your own decisions then testing them with your own body-mind . I followed where you went and got similarly excellent results. I hope others will also. Thanks again.”

Useful Information

Joseph Capizzi
Regional Manager, CIGNA Group Insurance
San Francisco, CA

“Thank you for your dynamic presentation. This information could be useful in preventing and managing disability claims.”

Helpful and Exciting

Leode Franklin
Director, Environmental Resources Agency
Santa Clara County, California

“I would like to thank you for the presentations on eliminating pain. I have been told by many of the employees attending your workshops that they found the information to be helpful and exciting.  Your presentations have been clear, informative, and delivered with a sense of humor.”

Recovered in One Day!

Atef Ibrahim
Nordix Computer Corporation, Santa Clara, California

“Thank you for your presentation on rapid recovery from chronic pain. It was great. I still cannot believe how quickly I got rid of years of foot pain by following your recovery plan. Your strategies helped me recover within one day.”

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Real Relief from A Very Real Pain

George Richarson

Amazon Review

“This book has just enough new information to solidify everything I had already read and tried to believe about Tension Myositis Syndrome. Although Dr. Sarno's research on the subject left little additional that could be said, he never lived through the long term torturous agony that we have suffered with. Fred is one of us. He has been there and come back from the edge. I've known I have had this syndrome for more than two of the four years I have suffered. The pain I have experienced first hand was worse than anything my conscious mind could dream up. Unfortunately, my unconscious mind is much more sinister, to say it is sadistic is being too kind. It has tricked me into useless and costly chiropractic manipulations and many acupucture treatments as well as hundreds of wasted hours doing physical rehabilitation and many hundreds of dollars in supplementation to try and stem the progress of osteoarthritis that I don't have. This book is not for people with closed minds. For them there are drugs that will destroy the stomach lining or cause physical addiction that will destroy their lives. Eventually they can have back sugery that may provide temporary relief if they are one of the lucky one percent. Maybe after they've wasted as much time and money as I have the doors to their minds will swing open and embrace the truth. If not, I don't really care...because I FEEL GREAT.”

Path to Recovery


Amazon Review

“This book was the catalyst to healing my back pain issues. I cannot express how much this book helped me understand the bigger and more complex picture of the teachings of Dr.John E Sarno...and had I not read this book (which is by the way a pleasant, easy, sincere, and personable reading), I would have not been able to understand the bigger picture of what is out there with the "healing of back pain" and the "mind-body" by John E.Sarno.

As I was reading this book, I felt completely as if this was my own story that was written about. I delved into it, and I really related to the author and understood the frustrations and difficulties I had gone through. If You are suffering from lower, upper, mid back pain...or buttox pain...or any other issues you have that conventional medicine cannot give a clear diagnosis, this is the Book for you. It will help you in your journey to understand how much our pain is due to our own psychosomatic and how much it plays a crucial role in the way our body operates. It took me a while to understand, and I am still comprehending it All. But Read this book, its a must if you want to find healing and peace in your life. From here onwards, seek further knowledge that is linked to the research and work that the author had discovered and shares in his book.

I had so many diagnosis - myofacial syndrome, arthiritis in the bones, L1 - L5 hyrniated discs etc. etc.....And I did so many tests and x-rays and MRI's and this and that, and I was just running around without realizing that the answer was just within. Not to mention going to Chiropractors and physical therapy ...this and that and at the end I came to the understanding having these abnormalities are "ALL normal". Look deeper into the world that surrounds you, and It will all make sense and that is what this book helped me. I love the way the author shares and expresses techniques to visualize and step by step recovery to help you get better. is powerful. And with that being, read this will change your world and bring so many appreciations and peacefulness to attack the inner battle the mind creates. Believe It - Make the effort - Apply It - And see the results! It will astonish you.”

Very Helpful


Amazon Review

“I found this book very helpful for me. It was easy to read and had a few useful tips that I have made part of my life in order to fully recover from my TOS. I am not 100% but am definitley alot better then where I was. The reward and punshiment system he points out really does help. I would recommend this book to anyone suffering from nerve/muscular pain.”

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