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How Would You Like to Recover Rapidly and Live Pain-Free?

The aim of these podcasts is to provide you with 24/7 support so that you can recover rapidly and stay pain-free. Here is what these podcasts can help you do:


  • Become pain-free, active, and productive again

  • Gain the confidence you need to conquer tension and pain

  • Acquire the tools you need so that you can take charge

  • Conquer sources of internal tension, such as worries, negative thoughts, or a sad childhood

  • Feel lighter, happier, calmer, energized, excited, whole, confident, and in charge of your health and your life


These podcasts are structured to help you:


  1. Design your own Rapid Recovery plan

  2. Avoid the biggest mistakes that delay recovery

  3. Release physical and mental tension to relieve pain

  4. Create a compelling future with a five-step process and keep tension away

  5. Stay positive and present under any circumstance with this simple approach

  6. Turn problems into sources of energy and excitement so that you can stop tension and pain

  7. Halt the flood of negative thoughts in one step

  8. Become aware of the three unconscious mental habits that create a massive amount of tension and pain

  9. Upgrade your mind's operating system for a much happier and healthier mind and body

  10. Create a protective shield against putdowns and hurtful comments, including the ones you aim at yourself

  11. Develop super self-confidence to stay cool, calm, and collected so that you can move forward

  12. Stop worrying in three easy steps


Simply listen to these podcasts in the order they appear on this page to get the maximum results and transform your mind, your body, and your life!

Note: These podcasts are divided into two categories. The first three podcasts will help you recover rapidly. The remaining podcasts will help you live pain-free after your recovery and achieve optimum health.


Some podcasts are short and some are long, depending on the topic. But each podcast will give you one or two simple yet effective strategies that you can easily incorporate into your busy life. All you have to do is make a commitment to implement what you learn so that you can live pain-free again and truly enjoy your life.

Disclaimer: These podcasts pro­vide gen­eral infor­ma­tion about med­i­cine, health, and related sub­jects. The information pro­vided in these podcasts and on is not intended and should not be con­strued as med­ical advice. If you have a med­ical con­cern, you should con­sult with an appropriately-licensed physi­cian or other health care provider.

Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain

“It helped me recover from 15 months of back pain and five months of foot pain and disability.”

--Graham Tuffee, Adelaide, South Australia

“For two years I suffered from neck and shoulder pain...My pain disappeared completely in three weeks and never came back.”

--Robert Markowitz, South Salem, New York

Podcast Sale Ends April 11

Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain

In this recording of a live webinar, you will learn the cause of most back, neck, leg, knee, hand, and shoulder pain. You will learn about the discovery at New York University, and get to design your own Rapid Recovery plan so that you can walk, run, play, travel, and live pain-free again. (63 minutes. Only $7.99) 

The Three Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

In this podcast Fred Amir will tell you about the three biggest mistakes that delay recovery and how to avoid them. He will also answer frequently asked questions related to TMS and Rapid Recovery. (28 minutes) Only $4.99 

Relieve Physical and Mental Tension

This podcast will guide you through a proven relaxation technique to relieve pain through reducing muscle tension. Fred Amir will help you practice this technique and explains when to apply it for maximum effectiveness. (13 minutes) Only $4.99 

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Live Pain-Free and Achieve Optimum Health

“I found Live Pain-Free and Achieve Optimum Health very helpful. It gave me practical strategies that were simple and effective. I highly recommend it to anyone whether in pain or perfect health.”

--Richard Thomas - chartered structural engineer and company director, Winchester, UK

Live Pain-Free and Achieve Optimum Health is an excellent workshop. Fred is energetic and has a positive approach to moving on with your life, which in turn helps you deal with your pain.”

--Marco Marignoli , Boston, MA

Create a Compelling Future and Push Back Tension (1)

In this recording of a live webinar, Fred Amir takes you through a five-step process that will help you design a compelling future so that you push back stress and tension and live pain-free. (32 minutes) Only $6.99 

Create a Compelling Future and Push Back Tension (2)

In this podcast Fred Amir will show you an amazingly effective way to make your compelling future a reality and give you a powerful strategy to stay positive and present under any circumstance. These two steps can help you counter tension and stress anytime. Just imagine how your life and your health will change for the better once you do these every day. (16 minutes) Only $4.99

Turn Problems into Energy and Excitement in Three Easy Steps

Can you imagine how much more energy and less tension and pain you would have if you could turn your anger and frustration with problems, difficult situations, or daily annoyances into energy and excitement? You would be happier, healthier, and more resilient. This is an absolute must for anyone wanting to stay pain-free and active, as well as conquer anxiety, depression, and pessimism. (38 minutes) Only $7.99 

The Three Sources of Massive Tension and Pain

Stop the three mental patterns that create a massive amount of tension and pain. Unless you identify and deal with these constructively, you will always be tense and in pain. (20 minutes) Only $4.99 

Stop Negative Thoughts In One Easy Step

Are you plagued with negative thoughts? Have you noticed how one negative thought leads to another and another to create tension and pain? How would you like to close the floodgate of negative thoughts so that you can be happier and healthier? In this podcast, Fred Amir will show you how to stop those negative thoughts in one simple step. (10 minutes) Only $4.99 

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Upgrade Your Mind's Operating System

Upgrade your mind's operating system for a much happier and healthier mind and body. This can completely change your life. (16 minutes) Only $4.99 

Create Your Own Protective Shield

How do you deal with putdowns? How about rejections or letdowns? Do you feel angry? Hurt? Helpless? This one simple strategy can help you create a shield that will deflect them and leave you feeling protected and safe. (6 minutes) Only $4.99 

Enjoy Super Self-Confidence

The more confident you are, the more resourceful you will be in dealing with life's challenges while staying cool, calm, and confident. That's a crucial component of staying pain-free, healthy, and productive. (19 minutes) Only $6.99 

Stop Worrying in Three Easy Steps

On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate your level of worrying? Most of Fred's new clients rate it 8 or higher. In this podcast, you will discover three easy steps to eliminate this destructive mental habit. (22 minutes) Only $7.99 

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