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How Would You Like To Have Zero Pain And Keep It That Way?

The Zero Pain Podcast Package will help you do exactly that!

This podcast package includes 3 powerful podcasts that are instructional, inspirational, and motivational
to speed up your recovery.


Podcast 1

Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain

In this recording of a live webinar, you will learn the cause of most back, neck, leg, knee, hand, and shoulder pain. You will learn about the discovery at New York University, and get to design your own Rapid Recovery plan so that you can walk, run, play, travel, and live pain-free again.

Podcast 2

The Three Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

In this podcast, Fred Amir will tell you about the three biggest mistakes that delay recovery and how to avoid them. He will also answer frequently asked questions related to tension, pain, and Rapid Recovery. 

Podcast 3

Relieve Physical and Mental Tension

This podcast will guide you through a proven relaxation technique to relieve pain through reducing muscle tension. Fred Amir will help you practice this technique and explains when to apply it for maximum effectiveness.


Alan Massison


I recovered completely and cancelled two back surgeries!


Ailsa Howard

New Zealand

What a gift this has been and a huge turnaround from being severely disabled.


Chris Abraham


Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck pain was essential to my recovery from 7 years of RSI.



  • Fewer doctor visits

  • Avoid painful tests and procedures

  • Avoid ineffective treatments, such as surgery

  • Reduce or eliminate most or all medications

  • Save time and frustration dealing with the medical system

  • Enjoy a new sense of confidence and control taking charge of your health

  • Become much happier and healthier as you discover empowering concepts and tools

For more than 28 years the Nine-Step Rapid Recovery Plan has helped people around the world live pain-free again to live active, productive lives.

Graham Tuffee


15 months of back pain and 5 months of foot pain & disability, recovered.


Gerre Boardman


The perfect remedy for leg and knee pain!


Graham Quigley


From crippled & bedridden to complete recovery.

Available for a limited time

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