How would you like to have zero pain and keep it that way?

Then it's time to STOP

those negative thoughts, worries, self-pity, and self-criticism that trigger tension and pain!

How would you like to stop them all in one easy step?

For a limited time you can try these two empowering podcasts that help you do just that risk-free for

12 months and transform your life.

                       Step 1

Begin with "Turn Problems into Energy and Excitement  in Three Easy Steps" podcast to become more optimistic and positive, have more energy and confidence in the face of problems, stress, and daily annoyances to prevent tension and pain!

                       Step 2

Then listen to "Stop Negative Thoughts In One Easy Step" podcast and put an end to those annoying negative thoughts

Rachael Bowen, Fitness Instructor, Buford, Georgia

“These strategies helped me conquer my back pain and twenty years of anxiety disorder. Now I am pain-free, sleep better, have tons more energy and once again am teaching all my classes, including kickboxing. Thanks Fred.” 

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For less than $10 you will have access to these two invaluable podcasts that will knockout negative thoughts, worries, anxiety, depression and self-criticism to increase your level of energy and confidence.

Plus you will receive a surprise bonus!

1, Turn Problems into Energy and Excitement in Three Easy Steps

Can you imagine how much more energy and less tension and pain you would have if you could turn your anger and frustration with problems, difficult situations, or daily annoyances into energy and excitement? You would be happier, healthier, and more resilient. This is an absolute must for anyone wanting to stay pain-free and active, as well as conquer anxiety, depression, and pessimism.

2. Stop Negative Thoughts In One Easy Step

Are you plagued with negative thoughts? Have you noticed how one negative thought leads to another and another to create tension and pain? How would you like to close the floodgate of negative thoughts so that you can be happier and healthier? In this podcast, Fred Amir will show you how to stop those negative thoughts in one simple step. 

Surprise Bonus gift: Relieve Physical and Mental Tension

This podcast will guide you through a proven relaxation technique to relieve pain through reducing muscle tension. Fred Amir will help you practice this technique and explains when to apply it for maximum effectiveness. 

Our Guarantee 

We are committed to helping you live pain-free and enjoy optimum health.That's why we offer a 12-months full satisfaction, no risk guarantee!

Receive a full refund up to 12 months from the date of purchase.

60% off for a limited time

Richard Thomas, chartered structural engineer and company director, Winchester, UK

"I found this very helpful. It gave me practical strategies that were simple and effective. I highly recommend it to anyone whether in pain or perfect health.”

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Marco Marignoli, Boston, MA

"This is excellent information. Fred is energetic and has a positive approach to moving on with your life, which in turn helps you deal with your pain." 

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  • Save many hours of therapy and hundred of dollars

  • Calm your stress response

  • Reduce muscle tension and pain and other TMS symptoms

  • Close the floodgate of negative thoughts to reduce worry and anxiety

  • Have more energy and confidence 

  • Interconnect thoughts and ideas to discover better solutions

  • Stay motivated to solve your problems and transform your life!

  • And much more!

More Health, Happiness, and Success in Just Four Weeks is only $49.99 until 02/26/17, 5:00 PM PST. It will be available for $99.99 after 02/26/17, 5:00 PM PST.

"These strategies are the result of more than twenty-five years of research into getting amazing results rapidly.
If you apply just one of them daily, it will change your life. Guaranteed!"
Fred Amir, Author, Speaker, Rapid Recovery Coach

Lisa Barone, Sag Harbor, New York

"Fred's Rapid Recovery program is amazingly valuable and uplifting. It's so much more about getting out of pain, but about getting out of negative beliefs that have ruled your mind and moving on to living a much more positive, happy life. Fred practices what he preaches and is immensely supportive, always just an email away. It is so apparent how much he cares for his clients and wants them to succeed in feeling better both physically and mentally. Thank you again, Fred, for all your support and guidance- you got me out of a very dark place and I am so grateful!"

Brad Rennie, PhD, Calgary, Canada

“I have had a number of life-skill consultation sessions with Fred Amir and found them invaluable. What has particularly stuck with me is the need to be resilient in the face of challenges and to continually search for solutions. In a nutshell, Fred is a wise and infectiously enthusiastic coach whose principles and suggestions are practical and empowering. I strongly recommend him!”

Jason Kraus, Brunswick, Ohio

"I'm so grateful for your book, your coaching, and everything you have given to me: hope, faith, strength, drive, and intelligence.  You have made my life incredibly better than anyone else has over the past few years. God bless you and thank you for being such an incredible human being!"

Gretchen Vladimirov, RN, Austin, Texas

"Thanks to Fred's Rapid Recovery Plan and coaching, I've been able to overcome most of my pain and move on with my life. I'm an active mom with 2 young kids and was constantly focused on my pain, day and night. Fred showed me how to design my recovery plan and stay motivated and excited in my recovery and in my life. That led me away from my preoccupation with pain and self-pity. This further allowed more energy to be the mom I want to be and that's invaluable! Thank you,  Fred!!!"


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