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Back Pain

Pain-Free in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1

Read the testimonials on this site to feel empowered and hopeful that you too can recover rapidly.

Step 2

Take the online Rapid Recovery workshop and design your own Rapid Recovery plan.

Step 3

Read chapters 4 and 6 of Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain: A Nine-Step Recovery Plan.

Step 4

Listen to the Rapid Recovery podcasts, which are structured to help you achieve greater results.



Cancelled Neck Surgery

Dr. Hussein Al-Hussein

Professor, Computer Engineering

University of California, Santa Cruz

“The Nine-Step Rapid Recovery Plan helped me recover rapidly from 18 months of neck pain and pain and numbness in my arm and fingers. I was able to avoid neck surgery and walk on my hands again! Today, four years after my recovery, I continue to live a healthy, active life.”

Ailsa Howard

Kaikoura, New Zealand

“My symptoms were an upper leg that felt like it was being sawed in two, repetitive strain injury (RSI) in my hands and arms which at its worse prevented me from dressing, toileting or eating without assistance, and back, neck and ankle pain. There was a year when I couldn't drive myself at all. Eventually I ended up in a wheelchair, pushed around by my husband.When I began reading Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain, I could barely walk. However as I followed the strategies outlined in the book I recovered quickly. My body returned to it's former healthy and mobile self, and as a surprising added bonus my allergies to cats, pollen and the like, which I had had since early childhood, disappeared. It is three years since I rapidly recovered. I have spent these climbing, cycling, playing the piano, dancing, gardening and loving life. What a gift this has been, and a huge turnaround from being severely disabled.”

Avoided Two Back Surgeries

Allan J. Masison
Weymouth, Msssachusstes

“I had been suffering with severe back pain, severe pain from sciatica (pain in the buttocks and legs) and extreme weakness in both legs. I could only walk for a short distance and then with a cane. I had been diagnosed as having spinal stenosis and in need of a laminectomy, removal of most of the back of the vertebra, to release pressure on the nerves of the spinal column on L3 and L4. I also had a herniated disc that required surgery. Fortunately, while waiting for surgery, I read Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain. This book gives one a detailed action program to follow. I recovered completely and cancelled the surgery. I still can't believe that I am now completely pain free and have all the strength back in my legs and that I can live a normal life again. I sincerely hope and pray that the word spreads about how it is possible to recover from back pain without surgery.”

RSI Cured

Christopher J. Abraham

Toronto, Canada

“I had suffered from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) for seven years as a result of playing the piano and computer programming. I had undergone intensive physical therapy and massage therapy, done a lot of yoga, and tried many other healing techniques. All this time I believed that the cause of my pain was structural problems in my body. At last I came across the radical theories of Dr. Sarno and the techniques of Fred Amir. Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck pain was essential to my recovery. Now, six weeks after learning of this approach, I am 90% cured.”

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As you begin to implement your recovery plan and read chapters 4 and 6, begin to listen to the Rapid Recovery podcasts. They are structured to help you

1. Avoid common mistakes that delay recovery

2. Enjoy deep muscle relaxation to release physical and mental tension

3. Turn problems into sources of energy and excitement so that you can stop TMS before it starts

4. Stop the three destructive mental habits that create a massive amount of tension and pain without you even realizing their harmful effects

5. Implement a simple and effective way to stop the flood of negative thoughts

6. Upgrade your mind's operating system for a much happier and healthier mind and body

And you will discover many more simple, effective strategies to help you stay pain-free and achieve optimum health.


Online Rapid Recovery Workshop

In this online workshop Fred Amir, creator of the Nine-Step Rapid Recovery Plan and author of Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain will show you how to design and implement your own Rapid Recovery plan so that you can walk, run, jump, play, travel, and live an active pain-free life again. Here's what you will discover:

  • The revolutionary breakthrough at New York University

  • The two causes of most back, neck, knee, leg, and hand pain

  • What to do if you have sciatica

  • How the pain becomes chronic

  • What you need to know if you have a spinal abnormality, a torn meniscus, a torn rotator cuff, a herniated disc, or carpal tunnel syndrome

  • How to avoid surgeries and shots

  • The common mistake that can keep you in pain

  • Easy proven steps that can help you live pain-free again

This program consists of a recording of a live online workshop. As you listen to the recording pause when necessary to answer the questions. Fred will help you design your Rapid Recovery plan and practice each step during this workshop so that you can begin your recovery immediately.

“For two years I suffered from neck and shoulder pain. A friend of mine recommended I read Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain. I read it and developed my own rapid recovery plan. My pain disappeared completely in three weeks and never came back.” Robert Markowitz, South Salem, New York

Get immediate access and begin your journey to a pain-free life by registering for only $7.99.

Rapid Recovery Action Plan

How would you like to have your Rapid Recovery plan reviewed by Fred Amir?
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Download your copy of Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain from to read while implementing your Rapid Recovery plan.

“This book has literally saved the life of one of my patients. Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain is a truly effective step-by-step guide to conquering chronic pain and returning to a fruitful life. It is both logical and easy to follow. I highly recommend it to all pain sufferers and to their doctors.” Parvez Fatteh, M.D., board certified, physical medicine and rehabilitation, Castro Valley, California

​Read chapter 4 in which Fred discusses how he developed the Nine-Step Rapid Recovery Plan and details his recovery story day by day.

Then read chapter 6 in which you will discover in depth how the Rapid Recovery plan works and learn stories of those who have recovered rapidly from variety of chronic conditions ranging from back and neck pain to chronic bronchitis and hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia. What you discover in these two chapters will help you become pain-free faster.


Read Chapters 4 and 6


Rapid Recovery Podcasts

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