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10 QA on Fatty Liver, Insomnia, Palpitations, Weight Loss & More

Thank you all for your good feedback regarding my video on how I transformed my health based on Medical Medium Liver Rescueand how I cured my fatty liver, insomnia, heart palpitations, lost 12 pounds, 6% body fat, and much more.

Here are answers to the top 10 questions you have asked:

1. What made you decide to only do day one of the 9-day program over and over again? I wanted to ease into this way of eating in order to be able to monitor its effects on me and avoid any severe reactions. That minor change has been quite effective.

2. Have you done the 9-day program yet? I do not have time right now to do the 9-day program but plan to do so soon.

3. How long do I need to follow the Liver Rescue program? It’s up to you and your symptoms. You can do it for a few weeks or a few months or until you see results. You can also take breaks for a few days or weeks and follow the program again.

4. Do you make your celery juice daily? Yes. It is best to drink it fresh and without anything else added to it (including water or ice).

5. What if I cannot tolerate celery juice? Cucumber juice is your next best option.

6. Lemon water tends to give me heartburn. What are other options? You can add a teaspoon of raw honey and see if it helps. You can also start with a few drops of lemon juice instead of squeezing the juice of 1/2 lemon and gradually increasing the amount of lemon juice you add. If your stomach cannot tolerate those options, then begin your day with 16 Oz of plain water.

7. How much exercise did you do during those 8 weeks? After about one week on the program, I caught COVID (see my COVID recovery protocol). The symptoms lasted four days, but it took another 15 days or so to fully recover. Based on what I have learned about long COVID, those who start exercising and exerting themselves too soon after COVID are at higher risk of developing long COVID. So during those eight weeks, I did not exercise at all. All the improvements in my health can be attributed to eating tons more fruits and vegetables. Now that I am back to walking, hiking, and working with weights, I notice much better performance and faster recovery.

8. What did you do after you finished the 8 weeks? I found this diet so delicious and rewarding that I continued eating only fruits and vegetables until noon, avoiding fats and protein until that time daily.

9. What do you eat in the morning until noon? My breakfast could be a fruit smoothie, a salad with steamed potatoes, or cooked vegetables (see the recipes in Medical Medium Liver Rescue). If I feel hungry before lunch, I eat an apple, a carrot, a banana, a cucumber, or all of them!

10. Did you keep taking any supplements during the 8 weeks? I continued with my usual supplements, such as zinc sulfate, vitamin B complex, and so on, but I discontinued taking vitamin C because of all the fruits and vegetables in my diet that are so rich in vitamin C.

I hope this helps your journey to optimum health!

Stay informed. Stay well.


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