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My COVID Case & Home Treatment

Well, despite all the precautions I had taken for almost 2 years, I woke up one morning with a mild body ache and feeling unwell. By noon, I could tell something was not right. When I took my temperature, I had a fever. I went for a PCR test and within a few hours results came back: Positive for COVID. The body ache became worse, and the fever fluctuated between 100F-101F by that night. After two days, the fever subsided, and my body aches were replaced with a sore throat. By day four there were no symptoms, and I was on my way to full recovery. I am very grateful that I did not end up with severe COVID. Perhaps the fact that I rested immediately and started a home treatment program designed to boost my immune system helped. The following are the most effective tips and natural remedies I have found for treating COVID, cold, and flu. They are listed in the order of effectiveness. So do not be overwhelmed and just follow the steps that you can.

  1. What not to eat: avoid any food that makes your body spend its energy digesting instead of using it to fight the virus. This includes dairy, eggs, high- fat foods, high-protein foods, nuts, and seeds.

  2. What to eat: focus on easy-to-digest foods like fruits and vegetables and their juices as well as vegetable and chicken broth for the first few days so that your body receives vitamins and minerals it needs without spending a lot of energy digesting.

  3. Rest, rest, rest: limit phone and screen time. Listen to deep breathing relaxation audios and videos to relax your mind and body. This will help reduce mental and physical tension for better immune function.

  4. For fever: vegetables juices can help as well as the acupressure points described in this video. My fever was hovering around 100F-101F, however, within 1/2 hour of applying the steps in this video my fever dropped by one degree and resolved by the next day without medication.

  5. For your lungs: in this short video from the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, Jonathan Bayuk, MD, shows you a breathing exercise that may prevent the need for a ventilator and even save a life. https://yout

  6. For a sore throat: gargle several times a day with organic zinc sulfate. Zinc is known for its antiviral activity. Squirt a couple of dropperfuls of zinc sulfate in 1 ounce of water, gargle for a minute, and spit out. Do take 40-60 mg of zinc per day internally with meals since zinc is essential for proper functioning of the immune system.

  7. For your immune system: in addition to zinc and vitamin C, take vitamin D. See my video on vitamin D and COVID. I take sublingual vitamin D since it is absorbed directly into the blood stream and begins working right away, During COVID I took 30,000 – 50,000 IU a day.

  8. One more immune booster: black elderberry is also known for its immune boosting effect. I took 1-2 capsules 3-4 times a day.

  9. Reduce inflammation: Inflammation is another major concern. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. I took 1-2 capsules with meals.

I believe these and other steps played an important role in my recovery. I hope they will help you get on your way to a faster recovery as well. Stay informed. Stay well.


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