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Could It Be B12? Numbness, Nerve Pain, Autism, Tremors, Depression, Dementia, and more

Certainly, tension myositis syndrome cause nerve pain and numbness, but what about B12 deficiency?

B12 deficiency is an underdiagnosed condition that can cause many physical and mental problems, ranging from nerve pain, tremors, numbness, heart disease, and cancer to depression, dementia, and autism.

One interesting discovery is that normal cells can look abnormal due to B12 deficiency and lead to a false cancer diagnosis. And while the patient is being treated for cancer, the B12 deficiency is left underiagnosed and can lead to irreversible damage.

If it is caught early and treated, in many cases, physical and mental problems can be cured. Everyone from babies to the elderly must be tested. Because B12 is found only in animal products and dairy, those who are strict vegetarians are especially at risk.

The usual test for B12 blood serum is not accurate enough. Proper tests for B12 are

1. Blood serum B12 level

2. Homocysteine serum level

3. Urinary methylmalonic acid level (This is the most accurate test for B12)

This documentary explains more

You can learn more about B12 at

Could It Be B12? is available on Amazon.

Stay informed. Stay well.

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