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Fast Knee Pain Cure

After my workout last Wednesday, I experienced sharp pains in and around my right knee and swelling above my knee.

It was extremely painful to climb stairs or to get up from a seated position. In the past, I had applied my TenDlite to recover quickly from more serious injuries, such as a Costco cart attack and it had worked amazingly fast. In this case, it helped to reduce the swelling but the pain persisted.

Then I went for some low-intensity laser treatment. That helped reduce the pain by 50 percent. I still felt pain climbing stairs or getting up from a seated position.

Then I watched a video by Dr. Eric Berg on fast relief from knee pain. He explains that by releasing the tension on the opposite thigh, you help eliminate knee pain.

It sounded counter-intuitive, but I tried it and my knee pain went away. I was able to climb stairs and get up from my seat with no pain at all. Quite amazing!

Why would you treat the opposite leg? That is what Dr. Berg explains in the video.

Stay informed. Stay well.

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