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For Your Eyes Only!

As I explained in Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain, when I began to recover rapidly from chronic pain and disability one of the wonderful outcomes of it was that my eyesight improved so much that I no longer needed my reading glasses.

When you break through mental and physical tension by creating a massive amount of excitement and enthusiasm on a consistent basis, you can expect unexpected improvements in your health.

Now in my mid-fifties I still do not need glasses. The key is to manage mental and physical tension effectively.

Here are two very helpful suggestions:

1. Watch this video on ten great eye exercises in order to reduce muscle tension. What I like about this video is that it goes through each exercise with you.

Caution: Do these exercises slowly and gently. Do not strain your eye muscles.

You may consider recording the audio of this video on your phone so that you can listen to it anywhere. Also, it is a good idea to pick one or two of these exercises and do them throughout your day, whether you are waiting at a red light, riding a train or talking on the phone.

2. In order to break through mental tension create a massive amount of excitement and enthusiasm on a consistent basis by listening to my podcast on exciting problem-solving. It shows fun and exciting steps to turn stress and tension into sources of energy and excitement. This can nip mental tension in the bud and increase your level of energy and confidence.

If you need an aid to see better and want to avoid glasses, you can use pinhole glasses.

Now you have three effective ways to see and feel better!

Stay informed. Stay well.

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