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For Better Memory, Focus, and Sleep Take This!

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) News magazine, “Magnesium helps build bones, make proteins, release energy stored in muscles and regulate body temperature. In the cover story of the Dec. 2 issue of Neuron, MIT researchers report a possible new role for magnesium: helping maintain memory function in middle age and beyond…Associate Professor Guosong Liu and postdoctoral associate Inna Slutsky at MIT's Picower Center for Learning and Memory found that magnesium helps regulate a key brain receptor important for learning and memory. Their work provides evidence that a magnesium deficit may lead to decreased memory and learning ability, while an abundance of magnesium may improve cognitive function.”

Reporting on the benefits of magnesium for memory, focus, and sleep, Life Extension magazine states, “MIT researchers discovered and patented magnesium L-threonate based on its unique ability to boost brain levels of magnesium. Rapid absorption and ability to enter the brain enables this magnesium to structurally reverse certain aspects of brain aging. A recent human study demonstrates the benefits of magnesium L-threonate in adults with cognitive dysfunction, sleep disorders, and anxiety. The most startling finding is a reversal of more than nine years in clinical measures of brain aging in people who supplemented with magnesium L-threonate.”

I discovered magnesium L-threonate when I was going through a stressful period. I was waking up around 3:30 am unable to go back to sleep. I started taking one magnesium L-threonate after lunch and another one an hour before sleep and enjoyed uninterrupted deep sleep. In fact, one night I slept through a storm that woke my wife up!

The magnesium L-threonate that I take is from Dr. Mercola. I have been happy with the quality of the products that he offers and like this one too.

Beware that this is a potent form of magnesium so take it with breakfast or lunch first to see how your body reacts. Too much magnesium can cause gastrointestinal issues. In most cases gastrointestinal discomfort is a sign to take less. You may also experience rapid heart rate as you increase dosage, in which case you need to reduce dosage. If you have never taken magnesium supplements, consult a health care professional before taking it.

Stay informed. Stay well.

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