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Got Cavities?

In my earlier posts, I explained how silver nanoparticles have antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. I also related how silver nanoparticles helped me get rid of a horrible toothache.

Silver has been known for its antibiotic properties for centuries and, even today, silver nitrate drops are put in the eyes of newborns to prevent eye infection.

Some decades ago silver was also used to treat dental cavities but was abandoned for the drill and fill approach.

This PBS NewsHour report shows how silver is making a come back thanks to Steve Diffins. DDS, who discovered its use in the past and started using it in his practice.

It is a great way to treat cavities in children (remember no drilling!) and adults with disabilities who have difficulty taking care of their teeth properly. Of course, no reason others cannot benefit from this as well. It is eighty percent effective and cost-effective.

Here is Dr. Steve Duffin’s presentation as it appears on the American Dental Association's website.:

Stay informed. Stay well!

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